Are you taking enough time to relax?

When we talk about “looking after our bodies” during pregnancy and after childbirth, you might think about what you are ...
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A Man’s View

I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for numerous years now, following my passion of helping others become ...
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Wonderful Warriors

By Samantha Hickey As a 5th Dan Karate instructor who has practised the art for over 20 years and taught ...
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Grace Lillywhite “I have been teaching Pilates to pregnant women ever since I finished my Pilates Foundation training in 2010 ...
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Diastasis Recti

So then, what actually is Abdominal Separation? If you are pregnant or a new mum, then you may haveheard of abdominal separation or diastasis recti. Wondered what it is? Feeling ...
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