Gill Clegg: The Train Station Personal Trainer shares her story

Gill Clegg

I am a self-employed Personal Trainer and Stott Pilates Instructor based in central London offering tailored training to people in their homes, gardens or wherever is convenient.                              The Train Station Personal Training and Pilates

I’ve been a member of The Guild for five years.

I joined the Guild because I wanted to be in touch with like-minded people in the fitness industry. Being a member allows me to attend the pregnancy related workshops and to further my knowledge base. I can keep up to date via the online forum which allows  me read articles and ask for advice. All this helps me offer the best service to my clients.

For me, it is very important to be part of the Guild as an instructor in an industry where anyone can pose as a personal trainer. I think it gives my pregnant and post natal clients confidence to know I am properly qualified.

The Guild has been a valuable resource for finding new clients. My post natal client’s have been on different journey’s but what they all have in common is how much exercise has allowed them to regain their confidence and self esteem. One client in particular stands out because when I first met her she had Diastasis Recti with a separation of 7 fingers. She found me thorough the website and we worked together for a few months before she moved back to Australia. Just before she left, we measured her separation and it was just under 3 fingers. I was very pleased to have made a difference but I would never have met her had she not found me on The Guild directory.

I am so glad I joined The Guild and would recommend it to fellow pre and post natal trainers out there. You will find an informative group of individuals with the same goal and a good platform to share and increase your knowledge base.

I was really pleased to read the website is being updated. I think there needs to be content available. I recently received an email from a lady who had given birth 5 days previously asking for advice as the stomach crunches she was doing weren’t really having an affect. I was stunned to read this and it proves the lack of information out there. I think the website can include more information about the pelvic floor, gentle exercise to do, the benefits of exercise, nutrition etc.