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Claire Mockridge

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Town/City: Milford, Belper




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  • abdominal separation rehabilitation
  • pelvic floor dysfunction
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • biomechanics


PREGNANCY FITNESS CLASSES: Claire Mockridge's 'Bump to Babe' pregnancy fitness classes have been operating for 10+ years, and they're a great cardio, toning, stretching and core session which will leave you feeling as though you've done a great full-body workout. If you're wanting flexible attendance because you can't commit to a class every week, Bump to Babe will be right up your street.

PREGNANCY PILATES CLASSES: Do you want a slow, controlled form approach to exercise that will help you alleviate pain, cramp and other pregnancy-related symptoms? Well, pregnancy Pilates is for you. These classes focus on your posture, educate you about the right way to care and carry yourself (+ bump!), and prepare your body for labour, motherhood and beyond! Classes operate as short 6-week courses in the West Bridgford area of Nottingham.

MUMMIES AND BUGGIES: Celebrating their 11th year, Mummies and Buggies indoor buggy classes in Lady Bay operate all-year round, and are a fabulous workout to get you out of the house, provide you with a fun workout, meet other like-minded mums and bring baby with you. Expect to get your heart rate up, increase your fitness level, burn off those excess calories, but more importantly, get back into shape, safely and effectively.

PELVIC PAIN/PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION: Claire uses a full-body approach to fixing pelvic floor dysfunction with clients, and has had so much success with this, that she turned it into a qualification for instructors called 'Your Pelvic Matters'. Stress incontience is quite common after birth, but that doesn't mean it's normal. If you want help with lessening the symptoms of birth trauma, prolapse, sneeze or urge wee or want to reduce pelvic pain, Claire can certainly help. Book a personal training appointment and see Claire in person, or organise a Skype session if you live outside of the Nottingham/Derbyshire area.

ABDOMINAL SEPARATION: There are 7 simple steps to fixing abdominal separation, and Claire created these. Coined 'The BREATHE principle' Claire has 'Diastasis Detective' instructors trained all over the world in her biomechanics/full-body approach to building you a better functioning core. Claire goes north of the navel and south of the pubis in her quest to fix dysfunction, rather than just focussing on the 'bits in the middle', so if you've been doing a lot of abdominal-based exercises to help heal your diastasis recti, maybe a different approach is needed? Claire is available for in-person appointments in Nottingham/Derybhsire, and Skype sessions if you live outside these boundaries.